Wednesday, 1 August 2012


Like the flash of lightening,
It whizzed passed me,
Blasting its way to the big oak tree,
Shook its branches like a thunder,
It danced like the ocean in front of  me,
With wings opening and folding,
Pumping and surging breathlessly,
They clasped and gripped,
Chipping at every rock it could see,
To the bear bone,
Treading the skyline,
Lifting, raising itself high,
Then falling  flat again,
I returned from my sleep,
To join in the feast,
Easing my soul,
Just once more,
Someone out there,
Will hear about me,
Weeping with the bellows,
 And moving in the sea,
They are mighty, large and small,
But whatever must be,
It's like ripping the elements,
Deep from beneath me.

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