Tuesday, 25 September 2012


Darkness arrived unexpectedly.
We barely could take the next step.
Placed our feet briskly but cautiously.
On the ground slippery and muddy.
Potholes large enough to hamper our strides.
Stones exposed to their bare bones.

Darkness arrived unexpectedly.
High above our heads.
Trees bent.
Weeping like willows.
In reverence to the wind.
It whistled passed our cold frozen ears.
We embraced ourselves.
For the next cracking.
Branches slipping painfully from their trunks.

Darkness arrived unexpectedly.
Flashes of lightening danced before us.
Then disappeared as soon as they came.
Then appeared seconds later.
Misty grey clouds raced across the skies in front of us.
Late evening blues.
Darkness arrived unexpectedly.


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