Friday, 29 June 2012


Yesterday was different from today
Why was that
I do not know
The sun shone
It did not snow
To the rapture
Loud hailers
Today is a new day
This do I care
Ships creeked
As the wind blew
Deep within its hull
Lend a hand
As it drifts towards
The sinking sand
Light heartily
Echo rises
With pause
And light surprises
Disbelief is not the answer
Just you wait
From now till midnight


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  2. Hi Gayle,
    Truly excited that you like my poem 'THE EDGE'. I believe 'THE EDGE' touches a small part in each and everyone of us. I'm really thrilled to be entering the competition.

    I'm also a published author of a children's book for younger readers called, 'GOING PLACES' It is a nicely illustrated fun book about nature and movement.

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  3. Hi Veleta,

    I read your poem,The Edge. Really lovely. x