Monday, 16 July 2012


Shades of grey.
Stay in shape.
Waste no warning.
Shining lights.
Bleeping horns.
Curved corners.
Rugged roads.
Crooked rocks.
Cutting , gripping loose.
Clutched my hands.
Numbed from the start.
A plea deep from the heart.
Crushed to the bones.
Spare this painful woe.
Take a breath.
Deserved a rest.
Light on my feet.
Pulled the strength.
Hope, faith will not betray.
Leaning, grinding. 
No time for smiling.
Safe as the silver lining.

Saturday, 7 July 2012


Thought I knew you
Yes, true as new
Lately, you've changed
Why, why do you not engage
Too sad I see
But sorrow do not belong to me
This time with the rhyme
Moving before time
Shaking , jerking
Feeling the strain
But am I hurting
Draw the thinner line 
Ask the divine
Whose make belief
Sincere from the heart
The pain 
The strain
Still do not take the blame
Must I change my game
No, no shame
Here this to you
Me and fame.