Thursday, 27 December 2012


It is like this outside my door,
Trust me this is what it's all about,
Will not be away for long you will see,
My selfish ways will not get the better of me,
Did not closed the doors behind me,
I  wanted to escape the tragedy,
This place does not belong to me,
But that of my good friend Willy B,
Accompanied him were two others,
 To recall there names I did not bother,
Willy and others squeezed  passed me,
Down the isle then to the tree,
No one took notice of me,
Not even my best friend Willy B,
So I made myself  visible for all to see,
Except  for the friend called double D.

By: Veleta Hayles


Tuesday, 25 September 2012


Darkness arrived unexpectedly.
We barely could take the next step.
Placed our feet briskly but cautiously.
On the ground slippery and muddy.
Potholes large enough to hamper our strides.
Stones exposed to their bare bones.

Darkness arrived unexpectedly.
High above our heads.
Trees bent.
Weeping like willows.
In reverence to the wind.
It whistled passed our cold frozen ears.
We embraced ourselves.
For the next cracking.
Branches slipping painfully from their trunks.

Darkness arrived unexpectedly.
Flashes of lightening danced before us.
Then disappeared as soon as they came.
Then appeared seconds later.
Misty grey clouds raced across the skies in front of us.
Late evening blues.
Darkness arrived unexpectedly.


Thursday, 23 August 2012

I past this place before,
Stood upright to see what's familiar to me,
Under the sunlight,
The haze, the glaze,
Had long gone,
The drain, the strain,
Something is different
As far as I can see,
The cracked hard concrete,
I removed my slipper,
To the bare toe,
Touched the scorching,
Sun bliss place,
Became familiar with the sensation,
Plain to see,
How much the thrill changed me.

Wednesday, 1 August 2012


Like the flash of lightening,
It whizzed passed me,
Blasting its way to the big oak tree,
Shook its branches like a thunder,
It danced like the ocean in front of  me,
With wings opening and folding,
Pumping and surging breathlessly,
They clasped and gripped,
Chipping at every rock it could see,
To the bear bone,
Treading the skyline,
Lifting, raising itself high,
Then falling  flat again,
I returned from my sleep,
To join in the feast,
Easing my soul,
Just once more,
Someone out there,
Will hear about me,
Weeping with the bellows,
 And moving in the sea,
They are mighty, large and small,
But whatever must be,
It's like ripping the elements,
Deep from beneath me.

Monday, 16 July 2012


Shades of grey.
Stay in shape.
Waste no warning.
Shining lights.
Bleeping horns.
Curved corners.
Rugged roads.
Crooked rocks.
Cutting , gripping loose.
Clutched my hands.
Numbed from the start.
A plea deep from the heart.
Crushed to the bones.
Spare this painful woe.
Take a breath.
Deserved a rest.
Light on my feet.
Pulled the strength.
Hope, faith will not betray.
Leaning, grinding. 
No time for smiling.
Safe as the silver lining.

Saturday, 7 July 2012


Thought I knew you
Yes, true as new
Lately, you've changed
Why, why do you not engage
Too sad I see
But sorrow do not belong to me
This time with the rhyme
Moving before time
Shaking , jerking
Feeling the strain
But am I hurting
Draw the thinner line 
Ask the divine
Whose make belief
Sincere from the heart
The pain 
The strain
Still do not take the blame
Must I change my game
No, no shame
Here this to you
Me and fame.

Friday, 29 June 2012


Yesterday was different from today
Why was that
I do not know
The sun shone
It did not snow
To the rapture
Loud hailers
Today is a new day
This do I care
Ships creeked
As the wind blew
Deep within its hull
Lend a hand
As it drifts towards
The sinking sand
Light heartily
Echo rises
With pause
And light surprises
Disbelief is not the answer
Just you wait
From now till midnight